Apply For A Missouri Building Permit

Why does Missouri require me to get a building permit?

Building permits are how local governments in Missouri ensure that all buildings are safely built and meet building codes. When you file an application with your city building division, the plans are reviewed and checked to make sure that they meet all state and local laws and ordinances. This way you can be sure that the final building meets all building and zoning codes in Missouri.

Where do I apply for a building permit in Missouri?

Building permits are issued at the local level in Missouri so you will need to apply with the building division of the city where the particular project will take place. The name of the appropriate office is different in every city. For instance in Independence the office is called the Community Development Department while in St. Louis you will need to apply at the Building Division office within the Department of Public Safety. Your city’s website should have more information about where you need to file your building permit application.

What kinds of construction permits are available in the State of Missouri?

There are several types of permits in Missouri that you may need to get for your project depending on the type of work you plan to undertake. These might include:

• Plumbing permits
• Electrical permits
• Mechanical permits for heating and air conditioning systems
• Sewer and septic permits
• Demolition permits

These are the most common trade and building permits required in Missouri, but your local municipality may have others that you will need to get before construction can begin.

How long does it take to get a building permit in Missouri?

Processing times for building permits depend on the complexity of your project and the city in Missouri where you file your application. Many cities like St. Louis now have same-day processing available for smaller permit projects while larger projects in St. Louis take an estimated three to five days for processing. Average processing time in other cities may be shorter or longer depending on the number of applications currently being reviewed.  


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