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When deciding to go back to school, you ask yourself what program will give you the most bang for your buck?  There are many options, from an MBA program to technical fields. But an MBA isn’t the only good option for those hoping to move forward in the business world.  The field of communication is a great schooling option for some, with a wide variety of possible areas of focus. 

What is communication?

Communication studies is a newer academic field that addresses the process of human communication.  The study often focuses on topics such as face-to-face conversation, mass media, politics, cultural studies, economics, and social dynamics.

Here’s a definition from communication teachers and scholars:

"The field of communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The field promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication".

This field may be an excellent choice for those aiming to improve their social career choices or to move up in Business.  But here are some other career options for Communication degrees:


This could include public research, media planning, sales representation, copy writing, or marketing specialist.   Most communication programs cover some aspect of advertising, but if this is your area of particular interest, find a school  that has a option for an ‘emphasis’ in advertising.

Public Relations

PR jobs are often filled by communication majors.  Public Relation jobs can include publicity management, marketing specialist, corporate public affairs, sales management, news writing, media analysis, lobbying, advertising management, creative direction, public opinion research, and more.  Don’t forget the importance of an internship for PR.  You may learn THEORY in school, but PRACTICE is a big part of the equation when you’re job hunting.  Take any practice you can get WHILE you’re in school or right when you’re done.  It will help you seal the deal. 


An MBA is NOT the only education option for Management hopefuls.  In fact, it may not even be the right one!  You can get a great education in communication that focuses directly on your area of business.  It’s a great fit for general management positions, but also, and more specifically: Human Relations (HR), Personnel Recruiter, Trainer, Newsletter Editor, Public Researcher, Buyer, Human Resources Management, Customer Services Management, Benefits Administration, VP of Human Resources, Negotator, and more.  Find out the specifics of your desired business degree and find out if an MBA or Communication degree would be better. 

Television Broadcasting

Becoming a news anchor and journalist! This is a competitive field but someone’s got to do it!  Why not you?  Before you jump into a communication degree thinking that you’re going to be the head news anchor on San Diego 10 News, keep in mind that a degree is just a sliver of this equation… but a necessary one.  Start by choosing a school that has a good reputation for communication and journalism.  This program may be entitled: Communication(s), with an S.  The difference between Communication and Communications usually reflects in the program’s emphasis on Media.  While Communication Majors focus primarily on the field of human communication, a Communications program is usually more media based. 

Once you’ve paid for that great education on the theories and practices of Journalism and most likely SPEECH, you’re ready for an internship… or two, or three, or four.  Just know that this is, in fact, a competitive field that many are willing to sacrifice for.  It’s a BOTTOM-à UP field.  But if you love it and know that’s what you want, GO FOR IT.  If ‘head news anchor’ doesn’t work out, there are other jobs you can get with a Communications degree under your belt: Technical Director, Transmitter Engineer, Disc Jockey, Advertsing Director, News Writer, Technical Director, Business Manager, and more. 

Politics and Government

Many fields within Government/Politics would be a good segue from a Communication degree.  Possible government jobs for Communication majors include Public Information Office Writer, Campaign Director, Program coordinator, Legislative Assistant, Public Case Worker, and of course, Elected Official. 

Health Care

Some schools offer special programs in Health Care Administration, but Communication can also be a good degree fit for someone interested in working and managing this arena.  Possible healthcare jobs for Communication majors include Health Educator, Hospice Manager, Health Care Counselor, School Health Care Administrator, Hospital Director of Communication, Clinic Manager, Clinic Public Relations Specialist, and more. 

Social and Human Services

Jobs for Communication majors in the field of Social Services or Human services include: Social Worker (Family and Child services), Religious Leadership, Mental Counselor, Human Rights Specialist, Public Administrator, Recreation Supervisor, and more.

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