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It’s not a surprise that the government sector here is the leading industry for the 3 million workforce of Washington D.C.  In fact, the area only took a mild hit during the big recession because of the hefty job base in government.  The second leading industry for D.C. is the professional/business service sector, followed by trade, utilities, transportation, and manufacturing. Employment here is strong.

Getting a Business Degree in Washington D.C.

The Country’s capital is a great place to get an education.  There are 19 colleges and universities here and some excellent schools to choose from when looking for a business school. 

Georgetown University is the oldest university in D.C. and has multiple business school option including a full time MBA, an Evening MBA, a Masters of Finance, and multiple business certificates.  Business Certificate programs include Executive Certificate Programs, Leading Change in Government Certificate Program, and Global Advanced Management Program.  Georgetown Online Masters program has a masters of finance online degree program. 

George Washington University has an extensive business program that offers degree programs in Accountancy, Business Administration, Master of Science in Information Systems, Master of Tourism Administration, Master of Accountancy, as well as online program including an online MBA.  These online programs include cinematic lectures, discussions, and a full digital community. 

John’s Hopkins University offers several programs in business including a bachelor of business administration, an MBA, and multiple business certificate programs in such areas as financial management, investments, and more.  There are also a large variety of online programs at Johns Hopkins including master’s programs in economics, online bioinformatics, online biotechnology, online communication, online biotechnology enterprise, online government, online geographic information systems, online government analytics, online research administration, and more.

The University of District of Columbia, located in Washington DC has bachelor’s programs in accounting, finance, and economics.  Management degree programs at UDC include CERT Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, and Mater of Business Administration (MBA).  UDC’s Online Learning programs offers 28 online and hybrid courses. 

If you’re considering getting a degree in Washington DC, but would like an alternative to a regular (brick and mortar) university setting, you might consider schools such as Universtiy of Phoenix, or National Universtiy, where you can get a business degree online.  These kinds of private schools cater to the busy, working professional and offer a  business programs of all kinds: from the bachelor’s in Business Administration to a PhD in Economics. Whatever your schooling needs are, you may find what you’re looking for at a schools designed for independent learning. 

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