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This country music state of just over 3 million workers took a big hit when the auto manufacturing plummeted during the early 2000’s.  During the past several years, Tennessee has fallen back heavily into the industries on healthcare, real estate, and financial services.  The economy seems to be on a steady path of improvement and is expected to continue its recovery.  Historically, Tennessee was known for it’s strong agriculture sector, but has become more diversified in past decades in areas of professional/business services and manufacturing.  Utilities, trade, and transportation are the 3 main areas of employment for the state.  As the centerfold for the country music industry, this state is also strong in areas of tourism and hospitality. 

Tennessee is a great place to live for people who appreciate the ‘good southern values’ of the south.  Many of its residents consider the state a good place to raise a family because it’s traditional roots and family values.  If you’re considering pursuing a business career here, you might consider getting a business degree first.  There are multiple wise areas of study for anyone hoping to tap into the job market here.  First off, consider some of the big corporations doing business here: FedEx, Regal Entertainment, International Paper, Community Health, and HCA Holdings, and the list continues.  This proves that there is opportunity in Tennessee for business positions.  Whether it be in supply chain, agribusiness, project management, finance, marketing, or human resources, with the right school, you’re bound to find the perfect business degree program that will lead you to the career that’s just right for you. 

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There are a good deal of colleges and private educational institutions in Tennessee.  Some of the big names in education include Vanderbilt University, University of Memphis, and University of Tennessee.  All of these schools offer online degree programs.  An online degree program may be an excellent choice for you if you have a rigorous work schedule or children that you care for during the day.  Online business school is a great way to earn

Vanderbilt, ranked #17 best private school in the nation by U.S. News & World Report  has a plethora of business programs including masters degree programs in accountancy, finance, and business administration. They also offer a full-time MBA, a health care MBA, and executive MBA programs which is more flexible for working professionals that want to get their MBA. Check Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning for information about online degree programs in Tennessee. 

University of Memphis has business degree programs in accountancy, economics, finance, management, marketing, MIS, and supply chain.  Their graduate degree business programs include the MBA, Customer-driven MBA, entrepreneurship MBA, international MBA program, professional MBA program, and an online MBA program and executive education programs. 

University of Tennessee’s college of business administration has multiple business degree undergraduate programs including marketing, management, accounting, economics, finances, and more.  This is a great school if you’re pursing an online degree in Tennessee.  The school has a tremendous variety of courses offered online on multiple campuses.  That includes executive MBA program, and online certificate in engineering management, and other online business certificate programs for graduates. Other online business degree programs at UT include Systems Management , Construction Management, and a quality Management Certificate. 

In addition to these great state college programs in Tennessee, there are a plethora of other great online degree programs in schools that specialize in this arena.  Everest University Online and Baker College online are just two to mention.  Online bachelors, and masters degrees programs can be found at both schools. 


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