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This diverse job economy employs close to 3 million individuals, many of whom work in the St. Paul area.  This market is heavily reliant on construction, manufacturing, and real estate.  The state is also driven by agriculture, information technology, forestry, printing/publishing, and healthcare

Other strong industries in Minnesota include transportation, trade, utilities, health services, and education.  Employment in technology, biomedical research, finance, and retail are on the up-rise in the metropolitan areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  In the area of healthcare administration, opportunities in Minnesota include St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, and United Health Group.  These companies may offer great opportunity for those with graduate degrees in Business or Health Admininstration.  Other business opportunities in Minnesota include XL corporations: Target, 3M, General Mills, Land O’Lakes, and UnitedHealth Group.

Get an Online Business Degree in Minnesota 

Minnesota, like other states that place an emphasis on research in technology and biomedical industries, has a strong foundation in higher education.   Schools in Minnesota are known for superior engineering programs and many have recognized business degree program; many of which are offered online.

The University of Minnesota offers master’s degrees in business subjects including human resources, industrial relations, global executive focus, business taxation, industrial relations, and business administration.  This is an excellent choice in education for students zealous about a career in business or business leadership.  The University of Minnesota offers online degrees in a wide variety of fields.  There are plenty of options in business and health science, both which fit well with the employment industry of the big cities.  All of their online programs are open to transfer students and the school welcomes credits from other institutions.  These online programs are run through the school’s “Digital Campus”.  Online undergraduate and graduate programs are available.  Online degree programs create a flexible environment for students who aren’t able to participate in a full-time classroom setting due to work or family commitments.  Another option is the school’s “Hybric Program” where students can participate in both online courses AND classroom courses.

Online degrees in Minnesota are also available through many of the reputable online schools such as Kaplan University which has locations in Minnesota and offers online business degree programs.  University of Phoenix is another accredited schools that offer online business programs.  Their schools is designed to be flexible with your work schedule and allows you to study at your leisure.  These types of programs are ideal for individuals that are passionate about business leadership and need that training and education in order to move up in the corporate world.  It’s often too difficult to juggle a full-time work schedule with a full-time school schedule.  If this is your experience, but you want to get your bachelors or masters degree, online schooling may be a great choice for you.  Ultimately, it will put you ahead and give you that extra hiring potential and opportunities for excellent pay. 

Top Paying Jobs in Minnesota

Here’s a compiled list of some of the work opportunities in Minnesota along with their median hourly salary. 

  • Registered Nurse Salary in Minnesota - $34.63/hour
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Salary in Minnesota - $30.78/hour
  • Market Research Analyst Salary in Minnesota - $30.99/hour
  • Medical and Health Service Manager Salary in Minnesota - $43.13/hour
  • Sales Managers Salary in Minnesota - $50.01/hour
  • Mechanical Engineers Salary in Minnesota - $37.13/hour
  • Marketing Manager Salary in Minnesota - $56.53/hour
  • Clinical Counseling Salary in Minnesota - $30.13/hour
  • School Psychologist Salary in Minnesota - $30.13/hour
  • Family General Practitioner Salary in Minnesota - $83.47/hour
  • Physical Therapist Salary in Minnesota - $36.40
  • Advertising Sales Agent Salary in Minnesota - $23.28

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