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With the breathtaking scenery of this state, it’s rich history, and the added bonus of having zero income tax, New Hampshire is a great place to live.  The granite state’s heaviest industries are in healthcare, manufacturing, service, and trade.  The no-so-big state employs just 750,000 workers.  Some of the big sectors of manufacturing are in the areas of light metal, electrical, and computer products.  Some of the big corporate hirers in New Hampshire include General Electric Meter Business, Osram, and BAE Systems.  21% of the state’s total employment is in the areas of trade, transportation and utilities, followed by education and health services, and government.

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For individuals with business degrees there is great opportunity in the state of New Hampshire in a diverse economy of jobs.  A business degree should give you a general understanding of how business works.  In a good program, training may be given in the areas of marketing, sales, business administration, finance, management and more.  Studying at state schools within New Hampshire may prepare you most specifically for the special industries of the state including such areas as health administration and product manufacturing.

University of New Hampshire has degree programs in Health and Human Services as well as a school for Business Administration, where degrees may be obtained on a bachelor or master level.  Online courses are also available at this state school, including an online MBA program.   Franklin Pierce School of Business offers online business degree programs including areas of focus including marketing, management, and finance.  Degree programs are offered in the associate, bachelor and master level.   Daniel Webster College, located in Nashua, has a business school which is reputable and offers multiple business programs including a Bachelor and Masters programs in Marketing, Business Administration, Construction Business, Sports Management, Health services, and more.  Daniel Webster College also offers online degree programs including a plethora of business specialties, including an MBA.

Individuals who are not prepared to commit to a full-time degree program at a ‘brick and mortar’ campus may find it more accommodating to attend a school that specialized in online degrees in New Hampshire.  A Generous selection of online degree programs are available through colleges such as Kaplan University, or University of Phoenix.  These types of private educational institutions are designed for people that have busy lives outside of school.  Online course work makes study time for flexible. 

Top Paying Jobs

According to NBC News, some of the top paying jobs in the nation include sales management, financial management, and industrial psychology.  All three are in the field of business and are best suited for a person holding a business degree.  For almost any of the top money-making careers in America, a degree is critical.  It’s the foundation of knowledge and proof to employers that you know how to work and you’re ready!  Whether it’s an online business degree, or a degree from a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ college campus, see what degrees are best for you and get started now.


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