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Certificate programs are generally a group of classes in a particular industry that train you specialize and gain expertise in that area.  Certificates are particularly useful for breaking into a certain field OR improving your hiring potential within a field.  Employers often look for extras like certifications when hiring. It’s a wise choice if you have considered moving into management and want to improve your hiring potential.   Some certificate programs require a bachelors degree, some do not.  Research your options to find out if the certificate of interest to you requires a degree, certain course work, and check accreditation before entering a program.

Online Certifications are available in a myriad of topics.  Some of the nation’s TOP SCHOOLS now offer certifications from the comfort of study in your own home.  For working professionals, online school is an excellent choice that allows you to continue working while improving your work potential and growing your career opportunities.  Here are some of the leading business certifications available:

Project Management: PMP
Accounting Certificate
Paralegal Certificate
Program Management Professional
Portfolio Management Professional
Agile Certified Professional
Risk Management Professional


Computer Certifications

When it comes to working in IT, certifications can make all the difference in getting the job.  With rapid technical changes within the industry, showing a certification in your name proves to employers that you’ve been schooled and tested and you’re ready to work.  Most Computer Certifications are available without a Bachelor’s degree.  

PMP Certification

With the increasing demands of a project-based industry, a Project Management Professional certification is proof that you’re trained and ready to meet demands.  This credential offers rigorous training in project management issues across the board.  

PMP® is a globally recognized project management certificate that demonstrates that you have competency to lead and direct projects.

Employers recognize and see this certificate as important step to managing projects. This certificate will increase your marketability to employers and raise your salary.

Who should apply for a PMP Certification?

If you are looking at becoming a project manager or want to increase your skills, stand out from other resumes and increase your earning potential, the PMP credential is the perfect choice for you.

Paralegal Certification

Many online paralegal programs are available from even some of the TOP SCHOOLS in the nation.  Paralegal certification courses prepare you for work in the United States Legal system.  Course work often includes:

  • Intellectual Property
  • English
  • Civil Litigation
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Criminal Law

Check with your state’s requirements for working as a paralegal.  In varies from state to state.  While some may only require a certification in Paralegal Studies, others may require a Bachelor’s or even graduate work. 

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