Apply For A Montana Marriage License

How do I get a marriage license in Montana?

Marriage licenses are issued at the county level in Montana. To get a license, you and your fiance will need to appear together at the Clerk of the District Court and file an application for the license. For Montana residents, the license is good throughout the state and the application does not need to be filed in the county where the wedding will be held. However, if you are both out of state residents, you should apply in the county where the wedding will take place. If only one of you is an out of state resident, their portion of the application can be sworn to in their home state and sent to the county where the Montana resident file their portion of the application.

What information and documents are required for the application to be processed?

In Montana, the marriage license application will require you and your fiance to provide certain basic information, such as your full names, state and county of residence, address, date of birth, place of birth, parent’s full names, race, highest education completed, and your social security numbers. If the bride or groom was previously married, you will also need to specify how and when the previous marriage ended. For documentation, you will both need to present some form of ID to confirm identity and age such as a certified birth certificate or driver’s license. You will also need to present documents attesting to the dissolution of any previous marriage, such as the final divorce decree or the death certificate of a previous spouse. The bride will need to present the medical certificate for the required blood tests as well.

Are we required to undergo any blood or medical tests?

Yes, in Montana any bride under the age of 50 must have a blood test done to test for rubella prior to being issued the marriage license. A medical certificate stating that the test was done will be issued by the physician or lab and this certificate must be presented when you file the license application. If the bride knows that she cannot have children, she does not need the rubella test but will need to get a certificate from her doctor swearing that she cannot have children and is therefore exempt from the test. There are no medical tests required for the groom.

Does Montana have a license fee?

Yes, there is a license fee that you must pay when you file your application. The fee varies by county, but is generally $50 to $60 and must usually be paid for by cash.

When should we apply for the license?

The license will be issued on the same day that you file your application and is effective immediately. It expires after six months. Therefore, you should apply for the license no more than six months before your wedding is scheduled.  


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