City Applications provides Web-based content management solutions ("Modules") to help cities, counties, real estate brokers, and other organizations deliver better content. These applications can be rented and hosted on our servers, eliminating the need for software installation, technical expertise, additional hardware or configurations. All the client needs is access to the Internet and a Web site to use each application.

Features & Benefits

Customized to integrate into your existing Web site**
Low start up cost and easy to fit into a tight budget
Can be operational within a few weeks
Multi-User Admin Tool allows content to be managed by multiple departments or personnel
Built from a user's perspective
Easy to use


The applications are built using the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft database servers for scalability and speed. Each Module is a full-featured, database-driven application that users can easily manage.

Available Modules

• Commercial Space Available - Promote commercial space available for lease, commercial office space for rent, and retail real estate listings in your city or county. Easily manage property listings, add and update listing information provided by real estate brokers in the area through built-in communication tools that streamline the real estate listing process.


Prices depend on the Module(s) selected, expected Internet traffic, and type of license desired. Please contact us for more details.

Featured Clients:

City of Berkeley, CA
CIty of Ogden, UT
CIty of Weber, UT
CIty of Salt Lake City, UT
City of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
City of Lake Forest, CA
City of Laguna Niguel, CA
City of La Habra, CA


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