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Information Technology Management

The field of Information Technology Management generally includes the management of technology resources. This may include computer hardware, software, or networks… and of course, the staff which are hired to maintain them.

Most information Technology Management programs include managerial studies that are specific to this field as well as the core study of computer systems. Aside from basic management skills necessary: budgeting, staffing, organization, controlling and such, studies are specifically geared to computer technologies. Studies could include course work such as software design, network planning, and technical support.

Degree in Information Technology Management

Schooling in IT management may help you develop a knowledge and skillset helpful for moving up in your current position. Getting a degree is also the perfect FIRST STEP in developing a new career. Most IT Bachelor’s degree programs teach students network operations, design and implementation, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and the general study of computer networks.

Online Information Technology Management Programs

Chances are, if you are working full time, going back to school may be a daunting task. Some Information Technology Management programs only offer classes during the work day. A day-time schedule most likely wouldn’t work for you if you’re already a working a full-time job. However, some schools now offer online study programs, making it possible for you to continue working while you get your Information Technology degree or certificate.

Jobs for IT Management Degree

Curious as to what you’d be doing with your IT degree? Wondering how much IT positions pay? Here’s a list of some IT jobs that you may not have thought of before. Schooling may be difficult but in most cases, it PAYS OFF. Information Technology degrees (Bachelor’s and up) are in demand and in most instances PAY WELL. For areas of specialty, you may have personal work back ground that will contribute to your job placement OR you may have a second degree, area of expertise, or certificate to couple with your Information Technology. In such a broad field, it is helpful to have a specialty. Areas of specialty can also yield to higher pay. Here’s a breakdown on some of the top IT positions, the education usually necessary and what they pay:

Software engineer

Software engineers put together all of the software that we interact with… from company or governmental organization systems, to social media. This field is best tapped into with an IT or Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Salary can start as much as $90,000.

IT consultant

In this position, your job is to do research and evaluate systems. A bachelor’s degree or in Computer Science or Information Technology is helpful for this job. Salary may start at around $96,400, according to CNN.

Computer forensic investigator

Crime detectives. Computer crime detectives – This job includes researching computer info (often hidden) for the purpose of trial and investigation. An education in Information Technology or Computer Science is helpful, but some study in FORENSICS might be useful (and necessary) here too. You could make around $64,000 according to TBS.

Cloud architect

Your job here is to organize the company’s cloud information… giving it some architectural structure. A bachelor’s degree is helpful and you’re likely to make around $112,000, one of the highest paying IT jobs.

Health IT specialist

Due to the Affordable Care Act, this is a growing field. Electronic recording of health records is the suit of the future. IT specialists combine a helpful knowledge of basic record-keeping skills and also utilize medical coding skills. IT Degree is (associate or certificate) is helpful and management positions usually call for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Salary is around $45,000

Mobile application developer

Roughly 50% of internet users are using a smart phone or other mobile devise. This has created a new field of work for technology gurus: MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS! The education necessary for this field is a bachelor’s in software engineering, computer science, mobile computer or Information Technology.
Salary can start at $90,000

Information technology vendor manager

Vendor managers oversee hardware and software supply. This can include anything from city/governmental software to Apple’s latest equipment. Computer Science or Information Technology degrees are great for starters, but an MBA in addition should seal the deal. Salary can start at $88,000.

Web developer

Web developers seem to do it all. In addition to their technical web designing skills, they must have a great understanding web content, organization, operating systems, and search engine optimization. They also need to know the languages of the WEB: Javascript, HTML, C#...The Education necessary for a web developer is at minimum, a high capacity to learn on their own by reading highly technical script books. But to work for someone else, an accredited degree is helpful. Many web designers use their own work to earn company positions as well. Salary can be anywhere from $90,000. Even higher for highly-trained and highly-creative entrepreneurs of this trade.

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