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South Carolina Jobs

South Carolina took a bit of a dive during the recession of the early 2000’s but is working hard to recover, and is showing some improvement. The state’s strengths include areas of manufacturing and automotive.  Other sectors worth mention aerospace and auto manufacturing.  With big companies like BMW, Boeing, and Michelin calling South Carolina home, employment has improved.  Biotechnology and recycling are also sectors on the rise.   The majority of South Carolina’s 2-million-person workforce is in the areas of transportation, trade, and utilities.  Other strong industries include education/health services, professional/business services, and leisure and hospitality.

Jobs for Business Degrees in South Carolina

With a business degree, you automatically have a lead in the job industry.  Many company positions can only GO to someone with at least a bachelor’s degree.  Positions in upper-level management often go to someone with training in a special area of expertise (such as technology) and a Master of Business Administration. In South Carolina, positions of interest may include project manager, marketing director, sales manager, hotel general manager, health administrator, or any number of other positions within the powerful sectors of the state.  With a business degree, you increase your hiring potential and give yourself a true edge against the competition.  Many more opportunities await those with higher education and there’s never been a better time to get a degree.

Get a Business Degree in South Carolina

For working individuals who could not otherwise go to school, online business degrees in South Carolina are readily available in countless areas concentration.  In the state of South Carolina, there are over 60 colleges and universities.  Most of them are accredited.  The University of South Carolina is the biggest school system and offers business programs in the areas of management, international relations, marketing, management information systems, as well as degrees in not-for-profit management, organizational behavior, and supply chain management.  The average salary for business grad from University of South Carolina is $79,991.  They also offer online bachelors degree programs in the areas of Business Administration, Human Services, Organizational Leadership, as well as online masters programs in Health Information Technology, and Public Health; both fields of business and management have excellent earning potential. 

Other options for online business school degrees include University of Phoenix, and National University.  These are private schools that have campuses worldwide and specialize in distance learning.  Schools of this sort can be extremely beneficial for working students who need that degree but don’t have time for full-time, traditional college schedule.

How much do jobs in Business Management Pay?

This is often a question from people inquiring about a business degree.  They want to know how much they’ll make working in business.  It’s tough to quantify any degree, but researching your earning potential with any one degree is certainly a start.  Here are some of the highest paying jobs in Business Management.  These numbers are of course, variable, based on the company, your personal experience and education, and the are of the country the job is located.

Marketing Manager – Median Yearly Salary - $119,480
Computer and Information Systems Manager – Median Yearly Salary - $120,950
Financial Manager – Median Yearly Salary - $109,740
Human Resources Manager – Median Yearly Salary -$99,720
Engineering Manager – Median Yearly Salary - $117,000
Medical and Health Services Manager – Median Yearly Salary - $88,580


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