Where to find Cheap Wedding Invitations

There Are Great Places To Find Affordable Wedding Invitations

If you are looking to save money on your wedding, many experts suggest that cutting costs by finding affordable wedding invitations is a great place to start.  Invitations today can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.  There are a few ways to get discount wedding invitations that cost down so you have extra money to spend on other things.

There are a few ways to buy cheap wedding invitations beginning with making your own.  Handmade inexpensive wedding invitations are a way to express your creativity and eliminate the high cost of printing. 

You can find “make your own kits” at places like Michael’s or other craft stores.  They also have several online resources to help you create the perfect wedding invitation cheap.

Create an Evite!  Although many people only think of Evites for birthday parties and baby showers, some people are choosing this as an easy and free way to send an inexpensive wedding invitation. Along those lines you can also send a photo invite through sites like Shutterfly.   If you are on a very tight budget these are ways to send your wedding invitation cheap.

Looking online is a valuable source to find any wedding invitations cheap.   There are several sources that have discounted wedding invitation prices and seasonal sales.  Places like New and Blue and Vista Print offer great deals.  Wedding Paper Divas has a huge selection of affordable wedding invitations that are classy or fun that have spent a fortune, when you really have saved a ton.  Ann’s Bridal Bargains has wedding invitations discounted as low as .39 cents.  Spending time researching the many sites available will help you to find the most affordable invitation.   Many invitations call for a lot of extras.  Eliminating the extra paper, or the response card and asking for an email response instead is a few tricks you can use when ordering your invitation.   Spending time researching will also help if you look for deals on sites like Groupon. Many stores will offer deals our discount wedding discount invitations on these types of sites and you can save yourself some money.

Print your own invitation! There are several sites that you can order a template to create your invitation.  This a very inexpensive wedding invitation option as it will usually only cost you for the paper and envelopes.  Be sure to use standard size envelopes or you will have to pay more for stamps for an odd sized envelope.  If you decide to have a store print your invitations, a good idea to save money is to bring you own cardstock.  You may be able to find cardstock at a discount price yourself verses paying the high price the store will charge you.

Another cheap option is using postcards as an invitation.  The postcard can have a picture of the couple along with all the wedding and reception information.   This also saves you on the cost of the envelopes, and skips all the extras that add up to a very expensive invite. 

As far as stores go, many people find cheap wedding invitations at discount warehouse stores like Costco.  Other stores like Kinkos, and Staples offer discount prices on printing invitations.  Some stationary stores sell invitations or have the option of custom ordering your invites.  Be sure to always proof read your invitation before you order to avoid paying for reorders.  And lastly have fun creating your invitation, it is one of the parts of the wedding that can be looked upon and cherished forever.


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