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Supply chain refers to an entire system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources that go into the process of moving a product or service from supplier to customer.  The process involves transforming raw materials into a finished product which is ultimately delivered to a customer.   With the growing world economy of products and technology, SUPPLY CHAIN is now a common Major and Masters program; found at many TOP schools. 

What is a Supply Chain Manager?

A supply Chain Manager oversees the most important business processes, ultimately affecting the success of their corporation.  They oversee information and flow of products, financing and funds between organizations, and strategically manage teams within the global marketplace.  With tight deadlines and financial risks, this is a competitive and rigorous field… not for the faint of heart. 

A Masters in Supply Chain Management can give you a higher understanding of these strict procedures as well as an improved network, depending on the school of your choice. 

Why Supply Chain Management Degree?

In an often two-year Masters program, students of Supply Chain Management learn the intricacies of supply chain including theory, new technologies, and industry practices.  This type of Masters program should prepare you to improve operations of supply chain, understand supply chain analytics, conduct demand forecasting, sales and opperations, aggregate planning, execute efficient project management skills, and recognize and improve supply chain vulnerabilities. 

Supply Chain Management Degree Online

For working individuals, going back to school full-time can be almost impossible.  But online degrees are available in supply chain. 

How much do Supply Chain Managers make?

Supply Chain job variables ultimately include schooling and experience.  The salary for most Supply Chain managers ranges between $75,000, for non-masters degrees, and $130,000 for the higher-end positions, including many with Masters Degrees. 

Which Supply Chain Managers Make the Most?

Supply chain manager pay varies based on experience, expertise, field, and education.  Here’s a breakdown of estimated salary for some areas within supply chain:
Chemical Industry – Average $133,000 per year
Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare – Average $117,000
Petroleum and Coal Industry – Average $115,000
Computer Industry – Average  $110,000

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