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South Dakota Overview

This beautiful, grass and farmland state has made it through the recession in good shape due to its strongest industry, agriculture.  The incredible beauty of this state and the world-famous, Badlands, Black Hills, and Mount Rushmore make tourism the second leading industry in South Dakota.  The state continues to hone in on economic growth for its 448,000 workers.  Growth is seen in areas of advanced manufacturing, financial services, professional/business services, and renewable energy.  Other areas of employment for the state include trade, transportation, utilities, education/health services, and government.   These are all fantastic fields for individuals with a degree in business. 

What to do with a Business Degree in South Dakota

You might find it surprising to know that CNBC listed South Dakota as the nation’s 7TH best state to do business.  It’s true.  And there is so much you can do with a business degree.  The Utility sector alone has dozens of managerial positions such as supply chain, finance, human resources, and project management.  These types of careers generally go to a person with a bachelor’s degree or higher; and a business degree is perfect preparation for management.    Tourism also yields a plethora of opportunity for business degrees. Some university business programs even offer concentrations in hospitality; perfect for hotel administrative management jobs.  As for agriculture, there are also opportunities in university business programs to study the agriculture business… most programs are entitled “Agribusiness”.  Management jobs in Agribusiness can range anywhere from onsite product management to marketing direction.  There are so many great career opportunities in the field of agriculture and the best paying jobs in agribusiness generally go to the person with a Bachelors or Masters Degree.

Get a Business Degree in South Dakota

There has never been a better time to go back to school.  If you thought about getting a bachelors, masters, or even an associate degree, it is almost inevitably a good decision. The opportunities for individuals with degrees are exponentially higher as opposed to those with only a high school education.  With a college degree and some work experience, the sky is the limit. And there’s never been an easier time to get an education.  Online business degree programs are everywhere. And you can work at your own pace with some online degree programs, continuing your job as you get your degree. 

There are 22 universities in the state of South Dakota.  South Dakota State University has dozens of degree options that are applicable to business careers in the state. Some worth mention: Agriculture Systems Technology, Entrepreneurial Studies, Business Economics, Business Management, Agricultural and Resource Economic, and much more.  South Dakota State University has a distant learning program that offers a management degree program and other business certificates for leadership.  Online Masters Degree programs are also available in areas of Health Service Administration, Organization Leadership, and more. 

Northern State University also has a wide range of studies within their school of business.  Economics, finance, banking, accountancy, and more.  Online degrees in Business administration, marketing, management, banking, and international business studies are also available through the NSU online study program. 

Outside of these state colleges, you can also find private educational institutions such as University of Phoenix that offer online business degree programs.  Schools of this sort are designed with the working individual in mind. Study times are generally flexible and most schools have access to professors when needed. 


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