Where to get Wedding Cake Toppers

Find Unique Treasures to Top Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake topper truly completes the wedding cake.  Many couples today spend a lot of time searching for a topper that will represent their love story, and their unique personalities. 

Some wedding cake toppers are traditional, some elegant, and some funny.  Either way, one can get wedding cake toppers pretty easily either online or at local stores.  The couple can find wedding cake toppers of all varieties from sports themed, to traditional bride and groom, to religious themed.  Spending time looking for the last minute touch to finish off the wedding cake will be well worth it.

Today couples have a variety of ways to create their own unique wedding cake topper or find one that fits the theme of their wedding.  It doesn’t take much time to search online and you will find a variety of sites that offer many different options. The Oriental Trading Company has many different toppers that are fun.   Etsy is a perfect place to get wedding cake toppers that are original and handmade. At large sites like Ebay and Amazon couples usually find wedding cake toppers at a discount, as well as, a large selection of both fun and formal wedding cake toppers.   Couples should check often on EBay if they are looking for a certain type of wedding cake topper, with patience they may be able to get what they are looking for.   Sites like Wedding Cake Topper, The Knot, and Wedding Mountain have unusual, unique, and funny wedding cake toppers.   Fun Wedding Things is another site that has funny and unique wedding cake toppers like animal, character, cartoon, sports and university/college themed.  If the couple is looking for a motorcycle wedding cake topper they can get one at Magical Day.    Simply Silhouettes is home of the original silhouette wedding cake topper where couples can buy silhouettes that represent themselves.


For the couple that wants something original and fun,   they can get custom and personalized bride and groom bobble head toppers at Head Bobble.   Another site that couples can create their own unique topper is at Wedding Cuts.  They offer a huge variety of monogram cake toppers.   For the couple who wants to find wedding cake toppers that are simple, elegant or traditional can find many at Martha Stewart Weddings.  The bride can get many ideas for her wedding cake and a wedding cake topper that will make a lasting impression.   A couple of different site like Ann’s Bridal Bargains and Retail Me Not are places to get wedding toppers at a discount.   Ann’s Bridal Bargains is an online discount wedding store, and Retail Me Not is a great place to find coupon codes and promotions.


Brides should spend time looking at blogs and Pinterest for cute ideas.  There may be themed wedding cake toppers that she hadn’t even thought of.  A bride can also find tutorials on You Tube if she is interested in making her own.  For example there is a DIY love bird wedding topper project as well as many others. 

If the couple would rather not order online but find wedding cake topper at a store then going onto search engines like Yelp or Yahoo yellow pages would be a great place to start. They can find local stores where they can get wedding cake toppers.   Just type in the search or find wedding cake toppers and type in your area and it will give a listing of local bakeries and wedding stores.  Craft stores like Joanne’s and Michaels have a wedding section where they sell a variety of items for the wedding reception.  Places like Party city also have sections in the store for wedding reception items.  Although the variety will be limited, a couple can get wedding cake toppers that go with their theme.  Whether a couple finds their wedding cake topper online or in a store, they are sure to perk up any reception with their wedding topper choice as it is a fun way to complete the wedding cake and symbolize their love.


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