How to Dress For a Beach wedding

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding: From Wedding Dresses to Guest Attire

Beach weddings are as popular as ever these days.  They are a casual way to tie the knot with a beautiful ocean back drop.  Whether you are the ones getting married or the ones attending the wedding as a guest you may be asking the question how do I dress for a beach wedding?  Here are a few helpful hints on what to wear for a beach wedding.

What to wear for a beach wedding as a guest. If you are a guest, the first thing to remember is beach weddings are generally casual.  Women’s attire for a beach wedding should be light weight, natural, and casual yet classy.  Wedding dresses that colorful are appropriate, or a plain color is fine, but can dresses up with fun, colorful jewelry.  Women should consider bringing a light shawl or sweater for that cool ocean breeze. Linen clothing is a perfect fabric and look for a beach wedding.   As far as shoes go, leave the heels at home as they make it difficult to walk in the sand.  Flats or sandals are perfect.  Men may wear nice dress shirts, but no need to wear a tie.  Suits are definitely not needed and a more casual shoe is also suggested. 

If you are the bride and wondering how to dress or what to wear to your wedding, there are a variety of bridal dress choices available to you.  Anything from simple, elegant, or casual wedding dresses are perfect for a beach wedding.  Beach wedding dresses should be made from a light, flowing, natural fabric.  Material like silk, chiffon, and satin sheath are both light weight and comfortable.  Sherry Ayles an ehow presenter gives advice to brides whom are wondering how to dress for a beach wedding.  She has three simple suggestions; soft silhouettes, low heels, and easily packable fabrics.  Each of those will help the bride feel comfortable and beautiful on her special day.  

When many experts explain how to dress for a beach wedding they agree that the bride should stick to simple, practical, and comfortable.  A-line bridal gowns, slip dresses or knee length dresses are great choices.  The bride should avoid trains or very long skirts. The largest obstacles in beach weddings are the elements.  Every bride should remember they are dealing with wind, sand, and high tides, when they are getting married on the beach.  All of the suggestions made by experts help the bride to deal well with those things.  The bride’s shoes should be flats, white flip flops, sandals with jewels, or she can always go barefoot.  The bride should also consider going without a veil and leaving her hair down and adding flowers or pretty rhinestone barrettes.   

A bride can find a variety of beach wedding dresses or bridal gown in stores or online.   Places like East Bridal carry many beach wedding dresses.   They have a variety of dresses and styles to choose from like ones with halter necklines, A-line, mermaid halter, strapless, and knee length.  Whatever she chooses, she is sure to have a beautiful and relaxing beach wedding.


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