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What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

A Bachelor’s degree is generally four years of college study.  However, with around 120 credits, it often takes students longer than four year to complete.  It roughly works out to about 40 college classes. 

In most instances, the first 2 years of a Bachelors Program consists of General studies in areas of Math, Science, English, Humanities, and History.  
Once those ‘general ed’ requirement are met, students may begin their primary study of interest: The Major.  With a broadening and changing technical world, Bachelor Degree options are rapidly multiplying.  The potential for a Bachelor’s degrees lies within almost any imaginable field. 

In almost every case, a bachelor’s degree is mandatory for attendance in professional graduate school.  This includes Masters programs, law schools, teaching credentials, and medicine.

Do I need a Bachelor’s Degree?

College is the mandatory resume component for almost every good job.  In times past, it was considered a distinguished privilege to attend college.  These days, a bachelors has become the standard starting point for almost any profession.  Fortunately, a diverse selection of online programs are available at your fingertips.  Even some of the leading educational institutions offer Bachelors Degree programs online and through satellite campuses.  It’s possible now more than ever to get a degree.  

Choosing a Major

It’s important to understand what kind of career you desire and choose a major that will prepare you accordingly.  Some career choices are particular in hiring Bachelors Degrees from only a certain type of major. One example: Information Technology.  It’s almost guaranteed that the high-paying career path of IT will require that you begin by studying and receiving a Bachelor of Computer Science. 

On the same note, some graduate programs require undergraduate work in a particular field.  This is often referenced in terms of ‘pre-requisites’.  This means: courses you MUST take in order to enter their program.  Medical school is a perfect example of this.  To enter medical school, you must first major in a subject that provides proper ‘pre-med’ course work such as Chemistry, Biology and Anatomy.  Take this into consideration when picking your major.

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