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Affordable Wedding Favors On A Budget

If you are trying to stay on your wedding budget a great way to save money is on your wedding favors.   Giving a special memento is a special way to say thank you to your guests.   Here are a few ideas of cheap wedding favor ideas that won’t break the bank, and will be an expression of your love as a couple and to those who attended your special wedding day.

There are many personalized and affordable wedding favor ideas online, or on blogs, Pinterest, and you tube.   At Little Things Favors there are 7000 ideas of unique and inexpensive wedding favors.   Efavors has personalized wedding favors under $1.50 and will ship 3-5 days after the order is placed.   Wedding Favor Discount has wedding favors cheap, as low as .79 cents.   A site called Do You Need a Favor has cheap wedding favors for under a dollar.  Buying in bulk is a great way to keep costs down.  Usually a wedding favor discount is applied by purchasing 100 wedding favors or more.  Making your own affordable wedding favors is also a great idea.   Beau-Coup has several wedding favor ideas that are DIY projects.  There are ideas like candy tins, homemade goodies, favor pails with personalized ribbon, or mini candles. 

Theme- find a wedding favor that will fit the theme of your wedding. For valentines weddings roses or love notes are perfect. Give each guest a love note made from pretty blank stationary and ask the guest to remind someone they care about just how much they love them. Weddings with holiday themes can buy holiday ornaments, snowflake personalized coasters, and pear or leaf ideas for fall weddings.

Edible- inexpensive wedding favors involving food are always a big hit with guests.  Chocolate covered strawberries, fudge, homemade goodies, jams, favor boxes filled with colorful m&m’s, “love is sweet” candy stations, or chocolate bars with personalized wedding favor labels which can be bought at  wedding favors unlimited for .60 cents are a few inexpensive wedding favor and unique wedding favor ideas.

Photos- using photos to create inexpensive wedding favor gifts is a fun idea.  Things like photo cubes, frames, and photo albums make for a unique wedding favor that guests can be a reminder of the wedding long after the day is over. 

Charity-Instead of favors some brides and grooms are opting to donate to their favorite charity in lieu of a wedding favor.  Check out I Do Foundation for examples of ways to donate the money like honoring a loved one, giving back to the community, or a memorial. 

Favors to use at the wedding or at home- Many couples give wedding favors that their guests can use at the wedding or take home and use again and again.  There a variety of unique wedding favor ideas in this category, as well as inexpensive wedding favors and personalized.  Create a CD with several favorite songs, mini candles that can be made at home, glass luminaries that are stenciled with a theme of the wedding, gel candles wrapped in cellophane, potted centerpieces that couples or families can take home at the end of the reception, sachets filled with potpourri that can easily be sewn at home, or a wedding favor personalized as book marks.  Many sites on line sell letter openers, votive candles that can be bought in bulk, magnets, crape paper flowers, bubbles with personalized ribbon, bath salts, key chains, lotions, salt and pepper shakers,  and measuring spoons.  Each of these can be personalized wedding favors, and wrapped in cute boxes or bags that are stenciled and finished off with fancy ribbon.    Taking the time to find a cheap wedding favor will pay off in the end if you can find them at a discount price. Any favor will be great if it is affordable, useful, and an expression of your love.


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