Where to find wedding shoes

Find Great Shoes to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Most women love to shop for shoes, what a better time than for her wedding.  That being said, there are so many types, colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from.  Today, many brides are looking for cheap, flat, and comfortable wedding  shoes to wear on the big day.  Not only is looking her best with a beautiful dress important but so is being comfortable so she can enjoy her day.  If a bride is looking for where to find cheap, comfortable, or flat wedding bridal shoes here are a few suggestions.

Online is your best resource for cheap wedding shoes.  Bridal shoes can be expensive but many sites offer great deals and sales.  Sites like Online Wedding Shoes, Zappos, Etsy, Ebay, David’s bridal, House of Brides, and Overstock are great places to start your search.  Each of those offers a variety of styles and prices.  Typically a cheap wedding shoe will range from $25-$75.  Some of these sites listed will have shoes in that price range.   Sites like Flat Wallet and Coupon Cabin will have coupons to use at online shoe stores.   A site called foot petals has great reviews.  They offer shoes that are made well, and come in a variety of colors.  At Knot the Groom you can find several low heel and flat bridal shoes ranging in price from $30-65.  Some brides believe the best place to buy comfortable wedding shoes is online at Best Ballroom Shoes.  Remember ballroom shoes are made for comfort, flexibility, and to keep feet feeling good all night long.  At the Best Ballroom Shoes,  site the bride can customize the height, color, and sole of the shoe she wants so she can create her own comfortable bridal shoe.   If brides are looking for wedding shoe flats , a site called Oka has a variety of comfortable bridal flats that are very stylish.  At My Glass Slipper, a bride can find the shoe Dasher by Badgley Mischka.  It got great reviews for the style, comfort, and fit of the wedding shoe.   My Glass Slipper sells many other top name brand comfortable wedding shoes in both price ranges and styles to fit any brides taste.

Many brides who are trying to save money may still want a name brand, but not the name brand price.  Steve Maddin has a line called design your own collection.  Prices start at $99.  Jimmy Choo shoes which are very expensive can be found on sale if you spend the time looking.  They are comfortable and made well.  If the bride would like to wear them again after her wedding, the company will dye the bridal shoes black for her after the wedding.  That way she gets her money’s worth and still gets the chance to wear a stylish shoe for more than one day.  Even the popular brand Toms which are known for comfort, have a comfortable bridal shoe collection.  They also can be found on discount.  Some experts suggest that brides stay away from buying actual wedding shoes since they can be marked up in price.  Instead, she should buy regular shoes and dress them up herself with shoe paint and jewels creating a cheap bridal shoe. 

Lastly, brides should look at department stores like Sears, JcPenny, Nordstrom, Nordstrom’s Rack, Macy’s and JCrew during their sales to find cheap wedding shoes.  She should always buy off season to get cheap wedding shoes and if she can, she should buy the shoe early so she has time to wear them often so they will be comfortable on her wedding day.


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