Where Can I Find Cheap Wedding Dresses?

How To Find Beautiful And Inexpensive Bridal Gowns

Once a bride begins to plan a wedding, she quickly finds out how expensive it can be and asks “Where can I find a cheap wedding dress”.  If you are looking for a way to save money on your wedding, finding an affordable wedding dress may be a great place to start.  There are many ways to find cheap, inexpensive, yet beautiful bridal gowns that can fit any budget.  It may take some time and creativity but in the end your efforts will be worth it.   Here are a few tips to get you started on your way to wearing a gorgeous bridal gown at a discount price.

*Many retail stores sell last season’s wedding dresses at a discount price.  For an inexpensive wedding dress with the latest styles can be found by paying attention to the store’s annual sales of this year’s dresses.  Also be sure to ask if they have a discounted price on the sample bridal gowns, or gowns that brides ordered but never picked up.

*Something borrowed! Finding cheap wedding dresses may be as easy as looking in a good friend’s closet. Many of your family, friends, or close relatives own beautiful dresses that you can ask to borrow.  It’s a great way to feel close to them on your special day.  Adding something simple to the dress or finding an inexpensive veil will help make the wedding dress feel unique, yet special to you and the one you borrowed it from.

*Go vintage for that chic bridal look without the boutique prices. Check out local thrift stores that may carry very inexpensive wedding dresses that only need to be cleaned and touched up for that special day.  There are also online thrift stores that you can check out for very affordable gowns without driving all around town.  You will need to be ready to have it altered if you order online since you can’t try it on.

*If you sew or know somebody that does, making your wedding gown is a wonderful way to save money and add your own style and flare to your dress.  Your cost may be just the fabric and a small payment for the labor.  There are many inexpensive places to find fabric for your dress.

*Department stores offer a variety of dresses in their formal gown departments.  JC penny and Macy’s are great places to shop, and often have annual and semi- annual sales to help you find an affordable dress that fits your style, especially if you are not looking for the traditional wedding dress. If your perfect day is a ways out don’t be afraid to ask store mangers when their next sale will be.

*Find inexpensive wedding gowns online. Looking online is one of the best ways to find a cheap wedding dress.  Some standard online sources are E bay, Craigslist, and Amazon.    Some web sites offer a way to find inexpensive gently used wedding dresses.   For example, Wore It Once is a site where you can buy or sell cheap wedding dresses, special occasion gowns, and bridesmaid dresses.   Encore bridal has new and nearly new gowns.  Once wed has a variety of used wedding dresses.   Reading blogs or forums to find places that are reliable is always a good idea.


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