Buying Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk Wedding Bouquets And Flowers Are The Latest Trend

A new trend today is buying silk wedding bouquets.  They last forever, can be arranged months ahead and they won’t wilt or break. Today, silk flowers are looking more and more like the real deal.    They are also perfect for transporting and no one will suffer from pollen allergies.  The silk material is delicate and durable, so they create a great alternative to fresh flowers.  They are usually cheaper so they are also perfect for the bride on a budget. 

A few ideas when buying cheap silk wedding bouquet flowers is to buy carnations and Gerber daisies which tend to be some of the cheapest.  You can also buy used silk flower wedding bouquets.  Many people sell silk wedding bouquet flowers on ebay and craigslist after their wedding.   Remember if you do buy silk flowers you can sell yours on those sites as well, or use them to decorate your house.   Borrowing silk wedding flowers from friends or family is also a great idea.  Remember small wedding parties also mean less flowers you have to buy.  If you don’t completely like the look of silk, a good idea is to combine fresh and silk or mix real touch flowers with quality silk.  Buying in bulk will help you get discounts and save on shipping costs.  Also something to keep in mind is many silk wedding bouquet flowers can be dyed different colors to create the perfect bouquet or centerpiece. 

Craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby carry cheap silk wedding bouquet flowers.  Look for sales and combine that with the store coupons to get the best price on silk wedding flowers.   Off season silk flowers are usually cheap or on sale.   Because silks last forever, you have time to buy them and store to be arranged later.    The greatest place to find any type of silk wedding bouquet flowers cheap is on line.  There are so many websites out there with a variety of flowers and styles to choose from.  Koyal Wholesale is the largest wedding and event supplies company.  They have a website that offers everything a bride will need for her wedding including silk  flowers.  Silk flower factory and Afloral are also great websites to check out.  Many brides buy their silk flowers there for great quality and cheap prices.  Silk wedding flowers used to look very cheap, but the quality has greatly improved over the years.  If you search the web you can find great prices and beautiful flowers.  Efavormart is a good place to look for silk garlands, roses, and flowers for a holiday wedding.  If you plan on arranging some of the flowers yourself, save-on-crafts have discount prices and a great selection for buying cheap silk wedding bouquet flowers.  Be sure to read reviews on blogs or on the actual website from users who can validate the quality of the silk flowers.  There is no reason to buy what you think is beautiful silks, only to find out they are horrible quality and have to spend the time sending them back.  You can also find online places that will make custom silk wedding bouquets.  For example, Cascade Bouquets is an online site where the bride can customize her bouquet and is especially great for those who want a cascade style bouquet. Lastly, online wholesalers are much less expensive than a local florist.  However, if there is a florist you would really like to use, be sure to communicate with them what your budget is so they can find you the best silk flowers at the cheapest price.  Whether you buy them online, in stores, or with the help of a florist, your silk wedding bouquet flowers will be beautiful.


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