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New Mexico has been a major site for US science developments.  The wide open dessert has been ideal for projects such as the rocket experiments, the Manhattan Project, and the set-off of the US’s very first atomic weapon.  This strong military and government presense has helped build a pretty strong job economy.  There are roughly 930,000 workers and the state’s strong industries include manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, science/technology, and energy.  Government jobs account for a whopping 25%of the state’s entire job force, followed by transportation, utilities, and trade.  Education and health services is also strong here.  Leisure and hospitality have show job growth over the past several years. 

Holding a business degree in New Mexico should prepare you for a myriad of business opportunities within in a plethora of excellent career fields.  Whether you’re interested in government management jobs, or careers within utilities, trade, or health services, you can find the perfect business degree that will set you apart from your competing, uneducated applicants.  In certain careers, a degree is practically mandatory.  And starting salary is significantly higher for individuals with a college degree.  The higher you go in school, the better changes you’ll have of achieving that ‘dream job’.   

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Business degrees are available throughout the state of New Mexico and can be found through online study programs, or traditional “brick and mortar” campuses.  These days, even some of the best full-time state and private universities offer programs online.  It allows the busy working individual to continue his/her education while continuing their job. 

Sometimes, attending a state school can provide you with study that’s specific to your state’s industry. At the Anderson School of Management at University of New Mexico, you can find business programs that are idea for this state’s economy.  Concentrations in accounting, human resources, finance, public administration, and supply chain all apply to any of the strong industries of New Mexico.  UNM also offers a large variety of online degree programs including undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Organizational Communications.

Nontraditional schools that specialize in online degrees may be your best bet if you’re working full-time or have a family to tend to.  Schools of this sort have fine-tuned the process of online learning and made it possible for almost anyone to achieve a degree on a bachelor, masters, or PhD level.  University of Phoenix is one well-known independent study degree program.  It’s an accredited school and offers online degree programs in business.  At a school like this, your study schedule is flexible and allows you to converse with instructors as you work.  Campuses can be found in Albuquerque.


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