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Jobs in Alabama

Industries that are making a difference for this recovering state are retail and auto manufacturing. This state has seen some devastating blows, with hurricane Katrina and other major floods and disasters, but is on a stable trend of improvement for its 2.1 million workers.  Areas of strength for the state include military and aerospace history, as well as current military and manufacturing.  The biggest employers for this state’s workforce are the Maxwell Air Force Base, Mobile County School System, the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal Facility, and University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Utilities, government, trade and transportation are dominant industries for employment.

Business Degrees in Alabama

If you’re hoping to get a business degree in Alabama, you won’t have any shortage of degree programs to choose from.  There are a whopping 61 business schools in Alabama. And getting an online business degree has never been easier.  Most of the big schools in the nation have online business degree programs available, making it possible for students who are otherwise too busy to get their degree. 

The largest business school  in the state is Columbia Southern University.  They offer a Business Administration degree program, Public Administration degree program, Public Relations degree program, and more.  They also offer huge variety of online business bachelors degrees as well as online masters programs.  Here are more of their programs:

  • Online bachelor of finance
  • Online bachelor of hospitality and tourism
  • Online bachelor of information system
  • Online bachelor of human resource management
  • Online bachelor of business management
  • Online bachelor of marketing
  • Online bachelor of project management
  • Online bachelor of sports management
  • Online masters of finance
  • Online masters of healthcare management
  • Online masters of human resource management
  • Online masters of marketing
  • Online masters of project management


University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce is also an excellent business school.  They offer programs in accountancy, economics, finance, legal studies, information systems, management, marketing, and more.  Their “Bama By Distance” is an online study program that allows busy professionals to do get a degree while having the flexibility to work and study on their own time.  Online business degree programs include online commerce and business administration, online masters in business management, online masters in operations management, and more.

Other business degree programs in Alabama include Alabama A&M, Amridge University, Alabama State University, Central Alabama College, and more.

If you are SURE that you want an online business program, and aren’t sure about a state school, other options include national programs including University of Phoenix and Kaplan University.  These schools are designed for busy, working individuals that need a flexible study environment.  They have campuses all over the country and some of their programs are strictly online.

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