Apply For An Arkansas Building Permit

Where do I get a building permit for my construction project in Arkansas?

Building permits are issued at the city level so you will need to apply at the appropriate city government office in the municipality where the property is located. The name of the appropriate city office varies. For example, you will need to go to the Planning and Development Office in Little Rock and the Building Safety Division in Fayetteville. Your city’s website will have more information on which office you should apply in.


Do I need a building permit to work on my own home?

If the work you are planning to do is substantial, than most cities in Arkansas will require you to get a building permit before you start the work. Any work that involves building, significant alterations or repairs, and expanding your home will likely require building permits from your city. Basic alterations such as painting and simple repairs such as fixture replacements usually do not. If you do not know whether your project will require a building permit, it is best to check with your local city government first to make sure.

In Arkansas, what type of building permits are there?

There are many different types of permits offered throughout Arkansas and some construction projects will be required to get more than one permit before they can start work. For example Little Rock can require electrical permits, mechanical permits, plumbing permits, and irrigation permits in addition to basic building permits. There are also permitting requirements in Little Rock for some fencing, siding, and roofing projects. Different cities in Arkansas may have greater or fewer permitting requirements, but these examples are the ones you are most likely to come across.

What information do I need to apply for a building permit?

This too will vary by city and the work you are planning on doing. Generally, most cities in Arkansas ask that you provide the property owner’s name and contact information, the contractor’s name and license information, the property’s legal description and address, drawn plans, and a description of the work that is to be completed. You may also need to provide information about your insurance coverage, and the names and contact information for any engineers or architects involved in the project. If you the work you are planning is a major project, you may need multiple permits. Often times there is a set order by which you should get these permits, and the general building permit will be the last on the list after you have gotten approval for other work such as electrical, plumbing, and sewer.  


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