Apply For A Building Oregon Permit

Where do I go to apply for a building permit in Oregon?

In Oregon, building permits can be issued by either the city or county building inspection office in the area where the property is located. Most major cities will have their own Building Inspection offices, but for smaller communities and unincorporated areas it is the county that handles all permitting issues. For example while Pendleton issues its own permits, all building permits throughout Clatsop County, including Astoria, are issued by the county in Oregon.

In Oregon, when am I required to get a building permit?

While local permit requirements vary throughout the state of Oregon, generally building permits are needed when you construct a new building or structurally alter an existing one. New structures can include fences and retaining walls of a certain height, decks, greenhouses, and sheds. Structurally changing a building includes building an addition, interior or exterior remodeling, creating new window or door spaces, removing or adding a wall or staircase, and finishing a basement or attic as a living space. Permits are also needed when you do most electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work in Oregon.

What kind of building permits are issued in Oregon?

In addition to basic building permits, your project may require other permits in Oregon as well. These can include electrical permits, mechanical permits for heating unit installment or removal, plumbing permits, and grading permits for paving and surfacing work. There are also special permits required for moving a manufactured home on to a property lot. Oregon law allows some agricultural buildings to be built without a permit, but you will still need to file for an exemption permit before you can start construction.

What information, plans or other documents will I need to provide for a permit in Oregon?

The application form will ask you to provide some basic information about the proposed construction and submit detailed blueprints showing what the final structure will look like. In Oregon, information that you must give includes:

  • • Name of the property owner
  • • Name of the contractor and their state license number
  • • Address and legal description of the property
  • • Description of the work to be done

Some places may also ask you to provide an estimated cost of the construction since building permit fees are often calculated based on the value of the project. While not all permit applications ask for it, you should also be prepared to give the names, contact information, and license numbers of any subcontractors you are planning on using.  


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