Apply For An Arizona Building Permit

Do I need a building permit to do construction work in Arizona?

If you are planning on doing any building work, whether commercial or residential, chances are you will need to get building permits from your local municipality before you can start the work. The type of permit or permits you will need depends on the work you plan to do and the city in Arizona where the work will occur.

When do I need to get a building permit?

Generally, construction work in Arizona that involves building a structure from scratch or expanding, altering, repairing, moving or demolishing a current structure will need to apply for a building permit. This includes any substantial changes to a structure’s electrical, plumbing, or mechanical systems. You will also need to get a building permit if you plan to change the occupancy of the building, for example from a single family residence to a duplex.

What work does not require a building permit in Arizona?

This will depend on the city where the property is located. For example, Prescott exempts basic painting, plumbing fixture replacements, switch replacements, fences under four feet tall, small decks, and small sheds. But in addition to these, the city of Page exempts fences under six feet tall as well as sidewalks and driveways. Generally basic repairs will not require a permit as long as the repairs meet the general building code requirements.

What documents and information is required on most building permit applications in Arizona?

While the actual information requested may vary depending on the type of permit you are applying for and the city where you file the application, there is some general information that most applications in Arizona will request. This includes:

• Owner’s name, address, phone number
• The legal description of the property
• Contractor’s name and license information
• Copies of the construction plan
• Estimated valuation of the proposed work

There may be additional information that you need to give depending on the type of work and the nature of the property. For example, a licensed contractor must be on the premises at all times during construction on a rental property in Phoenix, and you must be able to give the information on that contractor at the time you apply for your permits. There may also be different information required if the property in question is in residential area instead of a commercial zone.  


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