Apply For A Maine Building Permit

When do I need to get a building permit for a construction project in Maine?

Building permits are generally required for all new construction in Maine. This includes building new structures or remodeling and adding onto existing structures. Depending on where the property is located, a new structure that requires a building permit may include a fence, retaining wall, deck, swimming pool, detached garage, or shed. When a building permit is required, you must apply for and obtain one before construction actually begins. If you engage in construction without a required permit, you may be subject to penalties and fines from your local city government.

In Maine, what kind of work does not require a building permit?

Cosmetic work such as painting, tiling, and carpeting normally does not require a permit in Maine. Ordinary electrical and plumbing repairs such as replacing a light switch or fixing a drain are also usually exempted from permit requirements. Some small projects such as re-roofing, siding, and window replacement may require a permit depending on the local regulations of the city where the property is located.

Where in the State of Maine do I apply for my building permit?

Building permits are issued by the city building division in the city where the property in Maine is located. For example in Portland this is done by the Inspections Division within the Planning and Urban Development Department. The name of the office where you need to submit your application may be different in your city but all cities in Maine do have an office that is responsible for issuing building permits.

What information will the application for the building permit ask me?

Because building permits are issued at the local level in Maine, the information requested on the application will depend on the city where you are applying. But generally the application will ask you to provide some basic information about the project along with detailed drawn schematics of the proposed construction. Information requested may include the owner’s name and contact information, the contractor’s name and contact information, the address of the property, details about the property lot, description of the proposed construction, and details about the finished dimensions of the structure.

What is the normal cost in Maine for a building permit?

There is no set fee for building permits in Maine as the fee schedule is set by the local municipality that issues the permit. Normally the final fee amount is calculated based on the value of the construction or the expected total square feet of the final structure. Smaller projects such as swimming pools and sheds will often have a set fee unless they exceed a certain size or value, in which case the fee will be calculated in the same way as larger projects.  



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