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Where do I apply for a building permit in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, building permits are issued by the local city government in the city where the property is located. The name of the office in charge of building permitting varies city to city. For example, it is called the Building Division in Louisville, the Housing and Community Development Department in Bowling Green, and the Division of Building Inspection in Lexington. Your local city government website will have more information on which office is in charge of building approvals and permitting.

What types of building permits are required in Kentucky?

The permits you need will depend on the nature of the project you are undertaking. In addition to the general building permit, common permits include grading permits for surfacing and paving work, electrical permits, plumbing permits, HVAC permits, and engineering permits. Some projects require specific permits such as with fences and retaining walls, swimming pools, and decks. Most major projects will also require zoning approvals or use permits to approve the proposed use of the building. You should also note that some major projects will require approval from the state before an application for a building permit can be filed with your local government.

Does Kentucky require an inspection to get a building permit?

Inspections may be required at several stages of construction before a new permit will be issued. For example, you may need to have a city inspection done for the poured foundation of a building before you will be given permission to start framing the building. Failing inspection may result in a stop work order and an inspection fee. It is your responsibility to schedule a city inspection at each point where they are required.

Do contractors need to be licensed?

All electricians, plumbers, boiler contractors, and fire suppression system contractors are required to be licensed by the state through the Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction. General contractors are not required to have a state license, but some municipalities may require them to obtain local city licenses in order to legally work in that city.  


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